Iphone 5s touch id button replacement

I have one as well as a 5D tempered glass protector and the sticker sits flush. Reece reecee. Unfortunately not that I'm aware of. It is linked to the processor with a unique ID, so if both do not match, touch ID will not work. Apple did this for security reasons. I heard that there is a method with soldering? And wouldn't it be possible to get to know the unique ID of the processor and change it on the homebutton? How nerdy do you want me to get? I have a pretty good understanding of how it works, I just don't know how to explain it in a simple manner.

In theory, yes. If you could read the ID of the processor, and had software to change the ID on the chip on the home button, you could.

Replace iPhone 5S Home button with touch ID still working?

As far as I know, this hasn't been done yet. It might be done in future, but as Josh says, Apple is very tight with their security. To put it this way, still cannot find a way to reprogram SMC chips from MacBooks made years ago, so I can't buy them new and instead have to pull them from broken boards Apple does not make the Touch ID scanner and logic board together but you cannot use non matching parts, so at some point they are paired.

It would only make sense that when the software is loaded on the phone, it finds the Touch ID identifier and creates a unique internal code. If either of those parts are swapped, the code doesn't check and Touch ID fails. Since no amount of of software hacking has been able to decode or encode this, its almost certainly a one time event that can't be redone without using whatever method is used at the factory.

I am used to Android programming, so in my mind its some sort of MD5 check. JustPlainShit Apple Fanboy. Hi, a Touch ID sensor is unique to each phone. You cannot replace it even with original one. If it works, you just lucky because the phone has glitched and can pair to the new sensor.

iPhone 5S: Reasons Why the Touch ID Fingerprint Will Not Work

Apple fixes your home button by replacing the whole front screen and pairing it with the Horizon Machine. Apple also does this if you need the screen replacement. Richard itechsnow. There is a way to keep the touch ID when reparing a iPhone home button. I refurbish phones and sell then on eBay.

I have a bunch of home buttons and mixed them up and needed to find the right home button for the phone I was working on. I called Apple and they told me it could be done, but never got to tell me how, because I had to hang up and really I just thought the representative didn't know what she was talking about. Well, that night I was fixing a phone with a black screen and just grab any button to test it and I put the phone in recovery mode and after I started to set it up the finger scan didn't fail and I was able to use the Touch ID. The they was I had used a white button and the Touch ID was working and it couldn't have been the original since my screen was a black screen.

I called Apple again and was told that yes it should work. What the rep explained to me was that some companies don't put the correct hardware on the home buttons they sell to save money, but if you purchase a quality one it will be able to reset the Touch ID to work by doing a full system restore in DFU mode. So who knew you can restore the Touch ID it just depends on the home button you purchased. I am not sure but the Apple rep said it has to be high quality. My guess is would have to be Apple. I would call the iPhone help line every time I call they are very helpful.

I can't confirm what Richard said. After your post I was very curious if this method would work, so I put two iPhones apart and tried the Homebutton from the one iPhone on the other one, but also after a normal reset and a reset in DFU mode the phone still gives me a touch ID error I am pretty sure it happened maybe a lucky one which I doubt. I read if that it can be done with jailbreak. If this is true then this to me is the most likely reason.

Sorry Folks, iPhone 7 Home Buttons Aren’t User Replaceable | iFixit

I read if you jailbreak it then even if you go back to Apples firmware button stays linked. I tried to also duplicate what happened to me and it hasnt worked again. I took buttons with original buttons put them on another phones and nothing. I called apple again they again told me it can be done. I started to feel like they were trying to get me to go change the screen and button at the apple store.

They said that definitely works. I dont know if that is true. Thinking of going to app store with a phone with nonworking home button and getting screen and button replaced. This way I will know if they are just switching the button pretending to program it but I have spoken to 4 Apple reps on the phone and all of them practically quaranteed to me it could be done. I will research jailbreak method. I think I can have a better chance that way.

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Jailbreaking will not work, the security pairing works below the OS level. There is a pairing routine in the firmware but requires Apple server signing the request like when you update the system. Unlike system updating, this server is usually not available to the public. Maybe a glitch happened so somehow you actually reached it and it signed the request for you. My Home button on my iPhone 6S cracked, and I needed to buy another one.

Have installed it, and its working just fine. Except Touch ID. Maybe its possible just with original home button from Apple. If someone found the way to get Touch ID to work after home button replacement, please let me know. Got a iPhone 6 Plus to try on next will let you know the results soon. Actually the Touch ID sensor chip has programmable internal storage, it has upgradeable firmware and possibly secure key storage area for pairing key. It is written at the factory and also possible to be written by Apple service technician during screen repair.

Now the problem is that a digitally signed command is required to reprogram this thing, only Apple has the master key for it. Also it seems that no one has figured out how to force read or write that area of the chip yet. If it was in your settings, you maybe have another mainboard and Homebutton than the one your iPhone was produced.

Paulo Alexandre. But there's no sense in paring the original touch button with CPU since the fingerprint info is located somewhere in the logic board. With some internet search, I've been able to find some solutions, just entering in DFU mode and reset the iphone, or disconnect the power to flush it. Why to make things complicated, my Ipad works with the finger print of my Wife,s Finger, so every time want to use this Ipad Touch ID , she should be there for me ,???

You can actually add more than one finger print for TouchID access or disable TouchID and use a 4-digit or 6-digit passcode instead. Izdihar izdihar. If anyone happen to come across my situation, do let me know whats the best way to solve my situation. And i remember having a spare of an iphone 6 but only its motherboard internally damaged. No damages externally. Mainly, the reason to why i wanted to do this only because of my spoilt touch id and the other spare iphone 6's touch id works perfectly fine. My phone is iphone 5s. Sem B sembl. Marko Himanka saltwater. If you transfer the original home button it will definitely work.

So if you take it to a store to fix the screen make sure you tell them to switch the home button, so you can keep your touch assist. Porana porana There must be some method of programming new touch id since there is a QR code printed over the socket. I strongly beleive this is the clue. But how? I have no clue! There are 5 or 6 pieces with a QR code, so Apple nows if one of these pieces are changed. When changed no longer Apple service. Fruity fruity Hi, does anyone know which chip it is on the flex cable that is paired to the logic board?

So which chip is it? Ben justcallmeben. Can I use another ribbon from another 6S non OEM as a replacement, but keep the existing original button, would the button id work? Erwin Tieng. Same issue here. Also the speaker volume is very low when taking or making a call. When they brake, your kinda screwed. Prior to leaving it will the guy for 30 minutes my home button was working perfectly, on return to the stall I went to collect and on screen replacement the home button was not working. The guy had evidently sliced the connection between the home key cable with the blade he was using it was evident in how the two were disconnected.

After much discussion he asked to leave for a further 30 minutes and he would have it repaired as I refused to pay for the new screen until he replaced the home button. Of course on return it was in the same unusable condition. I have not paid any monies and agreed to return in the morning to have it fixed.

Having read your bloggs I see this is not possible. Am just not sure what to do now as my phone is more dysfunctional than when I brought it, not to mention replaced with a black sceen on a white phone. Any suggestion welcome! I tried to replaced the cracked LCD screen on my iPhone 7 plus but accidentally I brook the home button cable , is there anyway to fix it plz? Has there been any new updates on a fix for this issue? Is there any software out there available to re-code the current home button on my phone?

Or a trick to getting the home button to work at all?

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Hey nice post! Either way keep up the good work. I just wanted people to know that I am also a diy phone repair person. That being said if you replace the screen it is possible to keep your home button working by lifting from the right side never the left. Easier to NOT damage the flex cable to the home button. Has anyone noticed a trend of failures to iPhone 7 buttons which shatter but the rest of the glass is untouched?

The users have very high certainty that no impact happened to cause this failure but Apple refuses to treat it as a warranty repair. The damage looks very much like a stress fracture on tempered glass. I think this is a likely cause due to the design with glass waterproof bonded in metal ring with a taptic engine underneath generating both heat and vibration at the centre of the glass button.

These are exactly the conditions that cause this sort of failure in other glass systems. Hi there, I replaced my iPhone 7 screen. Do you have any suggestions?? My whole family, but me, have iPhone 7 up from a family plan with Tmobile. I was convinced to buy an iPhone lately, but after reading this posts I have to convince them to switch to a friendly-DIY well-know brand, may be expensive but at least friendly-DIY.

So if you have a non functioning home button like I do, and if you restored your phone to factory settings, i like foolishly did effectively making my iPhone 7 plus useless and are unable to get back info your phone because of this like me the expensive route would be to get the home button repaired for whatever outrageous price apple would charge. I was able to get access to my iPhone again by buying an external home button from Amazon.

I bought a secondhand iPhone 5S a few weeks ago from well known secondhand phone shop 64GB, upgraded to latest iOS No idea why. Total PITA this is. Great read. Long story short. I left the mall unhappy with a non working homebutton. Yeah, I reset it while forgetting about that lovely assistive touch feature that the empathetic person at the kiosk schooled me on. To my point now, how can I bypass the welcome to your new iPhone prompts and get into turn on the assistive touch? Or can I? Help is appreciated. Does anyone know if Apple has come up with a fix to the home button issue?

I tried to replace the screen on my phone as well and I didnt realize that there was adhesive under the home button and ended up ripping it. I found this article with a temporary fix on how to enable AssistiveTouch. I also ended up sending my phone to them and they were able to repair the home button. With Dr. Lynne Meyer, a Psychologist specializing in personality disorders, brilliantly explaining how such a disorder might help us understand Mr.

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Once upon a time a portal is caje ouut after a nine arena of Yggdrasil. You ccan get these calling vouchers at discounted rates in the on-line market. The thing to consider is the fact that all routers are very different so make sure you read any documentation sent with all the device. Whats up very nice website!! I feel like I got lucky. Broke by 7s screen, replaced the screen and everything works fine. I had to move over the home button, camera and all the other attachments but it worked.

Her phone lost cellular data as well. Wonder if I could buy a new amazon button but surgically swap just the cable there is how repair shops stay in the game, if a ribbon cable can be cannibalized off a new button assembly. I can guarantee if you replace the screen on iPhone 7 or 7 plus and reuse the original working home button, this will work no probs. Last week I replaced screen, front camera, speaker, rear camera, battery and rear battery housing and everything works perfectly and the phone is now pristine ready to be sold. I can obz prove it.

As stated previously if you use the original home button from your original screen and just get a new screen and transplant the original home button to it then it will work just fine. However if you damage the original home button there is no fix other than Apple doing it which would be very expensive. The main thing in removing the original home button there is a sensor about halfway up the ribbon cable that you have to be very very careful to remove so it takes very little heat and a very slow process to remove that home button carefully so it will work on the transplant screen.

A very thin guitar pick works pretty well for this process to slide under the ribbon cable to remove it safely. Also be sure to disconnect the connection from the home button to the screen which is right where you would start to slide the guitar pick under. Hope this helps! All of our accounts will be in danger. This new issue with the home button will make this more of a serious issue for apple products. This is what will happen Apple will be hacked and everyone that spent money on Apple products will lose out, I can not wait to see Apple go down in flames, lose of sales and the hoards of coders attacking the iOS will be the down fall of Apple.

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Any possibility to replace Homebutton AND have Touch ID still working?

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