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It says connection with server time out. What shall i do please help me. Twaha Mdee Could you be more specific on your query? Which exact issue are you facing when trying to download the application? Do you get any error message which one? You can find the supported countries and providers here: Bimal Timilsina Please do send a mail to support nimbuzz.

Rhoddy You can download Nimbuzz from get. Nice work. I love it.

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Big big Need nimbuzz call service at java. If possible, please suprise all world who like nimbuzz nd using. Thanks Nimbuzz Team. Cant snt images via nimbuzz… Am using nokia c yesterday it was fine…but today cant connect.. Hey guys, i love nimbuzz But i got a problem just today, this morning. It starts today, im not sure whether it just me or… But im asking my frens and they also having the same problem. Plizz guys, hopefully u can sort this out soon.

Cheers, Jem. I want to download nimbuzz for Samsung GT-C Hai sir. Send the answer to my email id. Let us know shamim Which type of connection do you use? When does it happen? Vny We do not support calling on Java based devices like yours. Regards bgalajee Thanks for your suggestion, we do not support this feature yet. Yess We recommend you to use the Wap version directly from your phone browser going to wap. Cheers shekmehar Calling is not supported on Java based devices. Does the call feature available on Nokia S40 devices???

Plz reply….

New Nimbuzz for Java phones ready for download! - Nimbuzz

Like nimbuzz to nimbuzz calling or etc. Thank you very much. I am using nokia classic but nimbuzz is not work in my device. Though mobile have 9mb free memory. What can i do now? Regards Sajeeb If your device does not have enough memory to run the application we recommend you to use the Wap version directly on your phone browser going to wap. But we are looking into a permanent solution for this. Adan billow Could you be more specific?

Which exact issue are you facing?

New Nimbuzz 1.9.2 for Java Mobiles

Bimal sorry, we do not provide older versions of our app, we recommend you to use the latest version available on get. Komal We do support this device, which exact issue do you have when trying to use the app? Do you have login issues? Or connectivity? Bilal You can download Nimbuzz for your mobile directly from get. I Need Ur Opinion!! Amila Have you tried directly from our site: MavhiPHilippines Have you tried login on wap. Do you also face this issue? D you get any error message? Which one and when does it appear? Make sure you are using the latest version available for your device.

Which exact error message do you get when trying to login? Have you tried the same credentials on a different Nimbuzz client? Sabina khan You can download the app directly from get. I hve n0kia Bappy In which country are you located? Are you able to visit or check any other Wap site trough your mobile device browser? Nimbuzz is not getting supported in my java phone sony ericsson ck13i.. I am using samsung wave Nayna Your device is using a Java version of Nimbuzz which does not include the calling feature. Unfortunately we cannot fix a date for it to be done yet, we suggest you to check regularly our website to see if your phone is listed.

In the meanwhile you can also use the wap version of Nimbuzz on your phone browser at wap. Gaus Our Current Java version is compatible with Bada devices, you can download it from get.


James Grahams Calling is not supported on Java based devices due to technical limitations. Uttam If your device is not listed, you can still use Nimbuzz directly on your phone browser going to wap. We are constantly working on new releases that support more devices. Currently we do not have a native Bada Operating System version.

Some Bada devices are compatible with our Nimbuzz Java version, we encourage you to try it out and download directly from get. Stay tuned to our Blog, for more related news: You can try a few things to enhance its performance — Download the latest 1. Temitope Akinwande — The Java phone require the Heap memory in order to run the Java application on the phone. Mubasher — Yahoo blocks access to your IM account via Nimbuzz, if it detects a lot of unsuccessful login attempts in a short period of time. You can do the following in order to unlock your Yahoo account and use it via Nimbuzz: Try to login into your Yahoo account from your web browser http: Please let me know when nimbuzz calling will be available on Java phone.

Suja — Due to technical limitations calling is not supported on Java devices. This feature is available on Android, Symbian, iphone and PC version. Hi my nimbuzz is not working of samsung gt sk it shows java error how can it be solved. Pushkin — The Java phone require the Heap memory in order to run the Java application on the phone.

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You can try a few things to enhance its performance: I have java phone. Please clarify. Monu — Since the device you are using is not compatible for Nimbuzz call you are not receiving a call from the other contact. Nimbuzz calls are only supported on Android, Symbian, iphone and PC. I can not now because I have that problem.

I need much help. Purnima— Dear but I have installed nimbuzz in my pc but unable to call any person or there is no option to call. May i know which nokia symbian phone is compatible for Nimbuzz call, i have nokia and nokia Ashfaq — Both devices which you have mentioned are Java which do not support Nimbuzz call. Calling is currently supported only on Symbian, Android, iphone and PC. Monu — In order to initiate a call through Nimbuzz both the contacts should have device which is compatible for Nimbuzz call.

In case any either of the contact is using a Java or Blackberry device the call icon would not appear. We currently have application for Samsung Champ We are constantly working on adding new devices to our list of handsets supported. Stay tuned for related info on blog. Safeer Salam — The much awaited Symbian version of Nimbuzz is here.

You can search your device and download this latest version 3.

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Ashif iqubal pune — Yahoo blocks access to your IM account via Nimbuzz, if it detects a lot of unsuccessful login attempts in a short period of time. Sir how can i get my chat history in my yahoo mail?? Does nimbuzz store the conversation as am not getting it anywhere?? Drow — You can view the previous chat messages by clicking show more messages which is at the top in the chat screen itself. Once you have deleted the chat history you can not retrieve the same as we do not store the chats on our servers. Anil Kumar G — Would request your to completely remove the application once from your device and install the new updated version from get.

Ashish — Once we implement a new version of Nimbuzz we remove the old version from our database to be downloaded because the new version is more advanced and has more feature. Can i send or reciece files via nimbuzz using java mobile like nokia asha ? And cud u pls sugges me any low price nokia handset on with which i can make nimbuzz voice call. Plz thank u.

New Nimbuzz for Java phones ready for download!

Rehan — Yes, you can send or receive files from Nimbuzz using Nokia Asha Nimbuzz IM is a free mobile and desktop application service that enables people to make calls, send messages and share files, on any mobile Pandion for Windows. Pandion is an open source instant messaging client for XMPP networks.

Keep in touch with friends or collaborate with colleagues using Pandio Miranda IM for Windows. Miranda IM is an open-source multi protocol instant messenger client for Microsoft Windows. It's smaller, faster, easier! Protocol Suppo Facebook Mobile 1. New Chat styles in Nimbuzz 3.