Google maps android api v1 終了

You will have to change the permissions in the manifest file to new ones, that are described in the guide. You cannot get a new V1 license old news, right, not since early , but your current license is still valid. At some point in the future, Google will likely decide to cut access to V1 - that is why they deprecated it, and that is why they have given us all plenty of warning. Basically, we all "should" have started working with V2 in our new apps months ago, and by the time they choose to shut down V1, we "should" all be in a position to upgrade our old apps. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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Please help. Richard Le Mesurier Take a look at this answer I gave here: Yes of course you need to change the API key also Raju Sidda Raju Sidda 3 No, your app will continue to work with V1 for now. Thanks, But if upgrade to V2, my application signing key will be the same so i can release the next version of existing app? Yes - your app signing key is different to your Maps API key. So you can upgrade Maps to V2 in a new version of existing app. I just only want to check if that link is Google Maps link For example: Among the bunch of great things announced with Android 4.

Getting Started

I want to use a google map to display a persons information only if he wishes to otherwise he will be on another screen doing something else but the map updates automatically even when he is not looking at the map? I just want to load the Google maps based on the Mouseover event of different div element.

For doing this i just used the following simple code. This code itself not working can someone tell me what mistake i had done. I wrote the following code for that.

Usage Limits

Point; import android. Address; import android. Geocoder; import android. Location; import android. LocationListener; import androi I have an app in which I need the data in the infowindow bubbles to update automatically. I've checked around and I see methods for moving markers, updating marker colors, and the like, but nothing with directly updating infowindow content.

I am pulling the value necessary e. I have the following code to load native google map app into my project: MapsActivity" ; I am getting different x,y value for a specific lat,long. I wonder why it is happening. May be I lack knowledge. So, if you anyone can explain by observing the following code snippet then it would be a great help. List; import com. GeoPoint; import com.

Testing and Deploying an API Backend

MapActivity; import com. I want use Google maps in my web site.

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I am getting map with jquery ajax,but it is not getting. I am using this codes Index. LatLng Hello people of stackoverflow, I am building an application that has a database of people's names, info about them and their current location. I managed to create a maps using Google maps javascript API, and mark your current location.

Running and testing API backends locally

I'm using a google map api from this website , thanks to the author. Here is part of the code: Map document.

LatLng 0, 0 , zoom: I am using the following url to get driving directions from google maps. I am using android 2. But when we searched same locations in web-browser it will show suggested ArrayList; import java. List; import android. Context; import androi Google Play, previously known as the Android Market, has over , available apps and has seen over 25 billion downloads.

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The Google Play app design has come a long way over the years and it looks like a refresh is once again in the works. Droid-Life has posted some images and a video of the upcoming Google Play 4. For more information read the regulation AdSense. Fill out the form you see below.

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