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Check iTunes for previous purchases

Character limit: Maximum character limit is Start a Discussion in Apple Support Communities. Reported to Apple, they apparently tried a couple things, they elevated it, but now is a case forgot about now. If Apple has to intervene the store will refer you to call applecare. If you call be sure to have your credit card if on file with them for itunes , Macintosh or iOS device serial numbers, and the answers to your security questions. If they can verify 2 of these points of info they can get you access again. If not there is not a thing they can do for you, per their privacy agreements and appleID terms or service.

How about recovering the iCloud by his past number used and some of the call details.. The imei have the detail of it… If one forget the secret answer then there should me some option for the person or else what is the use of Apple mobile.. You should help yours Apple customer…. I recently bought an ipod from a pawn shop and they said it was reset to factory settings but when I got home an tried to activate it,it asking for the id and password of the previous owners.

Is there away to wipe it clean of anything associated with the previous owners?? Short answer: Long answer you would need original receipts from the store that sold it new or death certificates from the previous owner. Basically Apple realized that there was a huge market in iPhones stolen from clue-less people walking through urban areas checking their messages and decided to clamp down.

Or be prepard to admire your high-tech brick. Because the people in online support or at the Apple Store have NO powers to make this right. Help — See more at: I forgot the password on my screen lock.. I dont know his contact number there. Please help. Thank you. Many people forgot their iPhone password, no problem. What you can have your friend do is follow the instructions on this website, and reset her password that she forgot.

Then you can get access to the iPhone. Any help? My children play with my iPhone 5s they want download some games without knowing with my phone the delegate her password unfortunately my wife she did not save the password so please we need help. Hey Everybody… I forgot my apple id email after reset my ipad. My ipad want my email and password I still remember my password but dont remember my apple id email. What should I do? No one has answered the question about how to reset if the Apple ID wasnt yours and you cant get it from abyone. Ie the pawn shop purchase ir the friend that went to Italy.

I am in a similar situation. I bought an iPhone off ebay that is connected to an Apple ID.

If you forgot your Apple ID password

I have tried to contact the guy bur no response yet. I know i can get ebay involved an would eventually be refunded but I really needes this phone activates by tomorrow and sont have the time to mess with all that. Is it possible, can I reset to factory settings when I cant even get i to settings? What Should I Do? Or make a new Apple ID and use that one on your iPhone, whatever. Hi , i need a little help, i have forgotten my apple ID password like a moron and i have tried a few things that have come up online but now i am just comfused.

Any help please? Sash, this is amazing, you are in the right place, because there are instructions — detailed instructions — on exactly what to do when you have forgotten your Apple ID password! Ive been trying to get verification details through my recovery email bt no message has come through now my account is locked.

What can i do given that am in Kenya? Check your spam folder sometimes the reset messages get stuck in there, the only option is to reset the password through the official protocol from Apple. You may also contact Apple directly at their support line or Apple Support https: I had to restore my phone and I have to activate my phone by signing into my apple ID i had to reset my password at first and i did that and i still wont let me onto it ive also made new accounts and it wont let me get on those either i honestly dont know what else to do.

I am looking to remove 5c from icloud account…is registered to old email account that i no longer have access to…how can i reset without access to email.. Can anyone tell me why is it that when my wife resets her password using her own apple id her own email address the related emails come to me..

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Am confused how all this could happen. We have an iPhone 5c at the company I work for. The lady who was using it was let go. Now trying to transfer the phone to another colleague. Tried 4 times to recover by email to no avail. Then made the mistake of trying to do a restore through iTunes. So frustrating! Can anyone please help me??? Can you please help?? Yes Malik, just for you, there is a tutorial written for you on what to do in case you forgot iCloud account and iCloud password here it is:. I changed my email add since then I can not activate.

Kindly advise on urgent basis because the product is very handy. I am having the problem of certain Aps not opening on my phone. One of the suggestions is to sign out of Ap store and sign back in. No idea what my Apple ID is and now cannot sign back in. I went back to see if I could get her to fix the apple ID so then I could activate the phone but they had already left the house and been moved out. Contact the prior owner if you bought it or was given to you, they will have the Apple ID if you do not.

I am super frustrated and very confused! I have tried to call the help line but I cant! I am on the verge of tears! My father bought me an iPad mini. He was the one who created the Apple ID. The problem is, he forgot the password. We went to a gadget store and ask the technician there how to recover the apple id. Is it possible to create a new apple id to use the ipad? I tried the recovery option using the security questions but apparently i forgot the answer to one of them…. So I made an email as soon as I got home when I got my iPhone 5s. I later forgot my passcode and had to restore my iPhone 5s.

What should I do. Hey can someone help me plz… I bought an iPhone 4s… Waisted my whole money on it…its brand new but the original owner used it once and he forgot his Apple ID password… what can I do and I want to reset it but stills asks for id password. I need help: Hey I have got second hand iphone 5c from one shop and he dosent remember the id or the password so I am nt able to log into the phone so can anyone help me with that.

So can anyone plz suggest me what to do. Thanks in advance. I forgot my Apple ID, I reset it and recovered it through email as described on this web page. It works great. You have to enter your password without typos! I just need to find out what it is. I am freaking out,I just update my iphone 5s to ios 9 today morning and after some process my phone got stuck on slide to upgrade.

We have 5 phones on our account.

If you want to change your password

My daughter received a message from apple that her email was jeopardized and she was locked out. They asked her the answers to her security questions but nothing she said was correct. We think that part got hacked too. Apple has not been able to help her. Question is if I have receipts for purchase and she has her ID why can they not restore it and issue her a new Apple ID? A part from iCloud feature, all oother features are working perfectly fine. I forgot my password, but I do not want to reset it. Is there any way to recover- NOT reset- my password?

My friend used his Apple ID and password to download whatsapp on my phone. Now I need to update the app but all effort using my own id didnt work. So my phone decided to factory reset itself and so when I went to type in my apple ID and realized I forgot it. But I remember the password. Please help as I want it for my son for xmas.

SOLVED: Need to restore iPhone but iTunes backup password forgotten - iPhone 6s - iFixit

Like many, I do not want to reset my password. I had no idea how much trouble that would cause. I know both IDs and passwords; I just want to combine them. Why not? I created an apple id and gave my email address wrong. I created a new one but i cannot delete this apple id. My dad forgot his password to his phone. And he does t know any of his Apple id information.

He is trying to remember his stuff. Can someone please help me???? I got given an iphone from my sister in law, it was her sons, and he used all fake, made up information.. They lie to us, so we lie to them in return and hence forgot it.. I spent hours online with tech support and we had a bit of problem understanding one another… however my spelling out the words solved the comunication problem….

After this frustrating ordeal I logged off. Logged on again this evening and found a website that made more sense to me and was able to get the ancient password reset. Start here and read it:. I got an iPhone off of someone and it looks like it was reset but when I go to start making it my own it tell me that it was lost and I have to enter in the Apple ID the phone was originally created with. Is there anything I can do?

Or is the phone basically garbage. Hello,,after i finished to update my ipad i need to activate first but i forgot my email and password. I just finished updating my iphone 5c. Now I have to login in with my apple id and password. I have forgotten both. I have never used the computer or icloud to my knowledge with this phone. How do I unlock it? The instructions above are one method. Another option is to go to the iForgot iCloud page on Apple. I bought a second hand ipad and he didnt sign out from his apple id and right now my ipad is locked as i dont have any details of the seller what do i do.

My Ipad is disabled for 23,, minutes and i need to restore it, but its been a while since it was first locked and i cant remeber my apple ID or my passwords or my email. How do i restore it? What if we purchase the ipad 2nd hand , and the person have forgot the id and pass and he cannot be contacted. Complete reset is also fine by me. Kindly suggest a solution. Hi, I just got a new MacBook Pro.

I have no idea how to log in to this old Apple ID. This is really frustrating considering i paid for the songs and they worked on my old laptop one laptop newer than the one they were originally purchased on. Any advice would be appreciated. Sathyavel, you and your dubious punctuation are in tremendous luck, luck has found you and there is an entire article dedicated to what to do if you can not remember your Apple ID password and if you forget your password what you can do about it, all you have to do is read the article for the instructions.

Here it is: I once have met this situation. It seems that you need to appeal to Apple, and then wait patiently for their reply. No way. You forgot your Apple ID? How can you not know your email address? Is that your Apple ID? Here is what you can do if you can not remember your Apple ID: I forget the Apple id and password, but this fixed my problem and I was able to reset it. Anytime i type my email password for on my iPhone it tells me its wrong. I am trying reset it but i still cannot remember my one of my security questions what should i do?

Hi, I have this issue with my ipad: The problem is, the previous owner forgot to delete his apple ID from the unit, and said that he also forgot his password. Is there a way to reboot the iphone without using the apple ID of the previous owner? Thank you! Then i reset my mobile. And i forgot those also: How can i use my phone? Hello dear i am an apple phone user and i have find a i phone on road but it was dead but when i put it on charge it cones on now i do not have any number or detail of that guy who lost it give me the sloution to find the right person or how to contact with him please.

I was using it for notes and bible only for two years by passing his password. The problem started when i wanted to changed settings it then locked and wrote connect to itunes i pad is disabled. I contacted the first owner and he has forgotten the ID and password. What should both of us do to fix the machine thank you. I have the same problem with my brothers phone. When I tap on it, my only option is to enter the password.

I had lost my iPhone 5 and put it on lost mode.. My icloud id is nt working on my iphone 5 ,it had nrrn stolen bt i got it back by my imei no. Bt when i got it back n tried to login by my id its nt working or accpting by my iphone.. Is nt working m pisseed off what to do to login or reset my id.. The rescue email this account has been deleted so the only option I have is answering the security questions, but I forgot them all.

I can not get in to the phone to go to settings how can I get to reset the activation lock I do not remember my is or password. I brought my iPhone from a friend, I made an iCloud account on it. I am not sure what my email. Plz help. Roughly about 2 years ago, our company bought 15 units of iPhone 6 and distributed to all 15 managers. All were given the privilege to use their own Apple ID to operate the phone.

End of last year, one of them was dismissed due to misconduct and forced to return the phone and everything.

Part 2: How to reset iTunes password if the email is not valid anymore?

He returned the phone but refused to reveal his Apple ID. How can I reset the phone as the terminated manager refuses to cooperate. One thing more they just asking me my contact number. There are no option such as answering my security questions etc…. I have forgotten my icloud password, even my email address and security question, because somebody else created my apple. Suddenly I could not log on to my Apple Store they said my password has been disabled cos of security reasons, I tried to reset but I remember when the iPad was once given to me someone helped to set it up and all my information I keyed did not work to reset it.

Pls what should I do cos I lost the persons contact long time ago. Pls I need help. What to do? I have an iPod touch that I bought a few years ago for a Christmas gift for someone. Turns out they set up their account but totally forgot the apple id and the password. Is there anyway to be able to use this iPod again? Maybe totally erasing what account was originally set up on it??? Please someone offer me some advice!!!!! All this info is crap.

I have been working with Apple for over2months on my husbands iPad mini because he forgot his applied password. We have done the recovery process multiple times to no avail. No one at Apple seems to be able to figure it out. And these are the senior techs.

So my husband has a useless iPad. This process might take a couple days—or more—depending on the account details you can provide to confirm your identity. After you reset your passcode on the page as shown in the illustration below, you'll be asked to log in again with your new passcode. You will also have to update your password on any other devices with the same ID. We hope this iTunes password reset information was helpful to you and you are able to access your account again with your ID and new passcode.

So, now you can download any apps and do whatever you want with your device. Also, Kindly, leave us a feedback as we would love to hear back from you and further keep you updated with the latest information and problem-solving techniques. Backup data on your iOS devices easily and restore backup files selectively to any device. Aug 16, Check Now. Forgot iTunes Password? To understand how to reset iTunes password just keep reading.

Part 1: How to reset iTunes password with email? Now you will get an option to retrieve your Apple ID via email.

Change your Apple ID password

And Here you go with your new password start using your iTunes like you normally do. Part 2: How to reset iTunes password if the email is not valid anymore? Now, if you have opted this method of passcode resetting then follow the steps below: Start by typing your birth details i. Part 3: Reset iTunes password by calling Apple Support In order to recover iTunes Passcode, you can also call the customer support of apple hand take help from them if nothing else is working for you.

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